Avis sur revitalift laser x3

MON AVIS DEFINITIF SUR "la crème Revitalift Laser x3 Double Soin"

I've been interested in reading beauty books lately and I thought I could share some with you guys and…. I don't comment too often on the packaging of products, but I like the colour-coordination of all of the Revitalift X3 products - the red is a great colour, and stands out on my bathroom sink so i can always find these products.

Kadambari, the price is for the entire kit of serum, cream and eye cream…. Foundation is also sitting better on my face, because my skin texture is so much smoother. No greasy after-effects.

He contour des yeux

Très jolie packaging simple sombre, une texture crémeuse et fluide qui facilite l application avec un petit parfum délicat qui reste sur le visage et qui sent bon. Voir les swatches Ajouter à ma wishlist. Date Matching Expert.

Avis sur revitalift laser x3
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